Being nice and being firm are different things.
Remember that Comcast spends a lot of money chasing people down to get payments for services.Thanks for the tips!Listen to your offers.Listen to Sree Kotay, chief technology officer of Comcast Cable, talk about the integral role that AWS plays in Comcasts hybrid cloud, supporting agile development, autonomous teams, lower costs, and accelerated feature velocity.When you mr always right gifts multiply that number by 30,000,000 subscribers, following the Comcast-Time Warner deal, it is easy to see how Comcast makes so much money.After all, their job sucks way more than your single phone call.
Assuming that you did everything right so far, Comcast will offer you a promotion to lower your price and keep you as a customer.
Existing HD Preferred XF service lowered from 169.95 to 109.99.
But, you need to find a pretty amazing deal to beat your competitors.
What are your current promotions?
Amazon DynamoDB and, amazon Kinesis to capture and analyze customer preferences for a richer entertainment experience.While I originally wanted the Internet only, I actually saved more money by keeping basic cable.The cancellation department has access to the best deals and has the authority to give you the best deals.Now, stop talking and let the manager find a better deal for you.Get creative and bring multiple issues to the table.Once you have the manager on the phone, explain the situation and the offer that you received from the customer service representative.