Bell uses the Intersession Week to schedule conferences. .
I remind you that pick-up for the fundraiser orders will be Tuesday, October 13 from 1:30 pm to 6:00.School resumes and the second quarter begins on Monday, October.Shorts may not be worn after September. .I believe you send your children to us for many reasons - faith formation, moral development, and values that echo your family life are the ones most often david jones elizabeth arden free gift named. .Thank you to the organizers and leaders of this PTO activity, Denise Brown and Michele Piscopo. .Joseph School logo and a navy fleece half-zipper jacket with the.Skip to content, start My Cart, loading.Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for November james allen jewelry coupon code 2 and. .
The warm weather modification of the Dress Code ends on September. .
Sylvania schools are fine schools. .
And a shout-out to Kelly Bell for helping to set up this event. .When our primary students bring in hundreds of jars of baby food for Moms House, they are helping families especially mothers and infants, and in doing so develop empathy and respect for life. . We believe that parents hr block discount code 2018 make a choice about high school as early as fourth and fifth grade. .(Colors are white, yellow, navy, red, and hunter green. .If you park across the street from the elementary building, you may move in and out of that lot at any time. .By scheduling the middle school students for a different morning with their dads, we significantly lessen the stress on traffic, parking, and buses. .Thank you to all of the volunteers who provided items for PTOs first Morning Muffins of the new school year. .It is important for them to understand that through the service activities they engage in, they are developing a deep respect for all life. .That matters to us for many reasons. .

Next weeks Thursday Envelope (October 1) will include a hard copy of the Conference Request Form. .
I hope all of our K 5 dads are able to join us that morning.