10Hulk: His active skill can increase damage reduction and restore.
Lineup Selection: Doraemon, Hou Yi, Hulk(Thor Time Keeper, Athena.Version Update Content: World Reshape: The dark force swept over the world, and the whole world changed in chaos, many heroes changed their attribute values.5Goten: His active skill and god skill both can enhance himself and mercenaries, and cause invincible effect within 15 secs.You can purchase resources you need like functional buildings, resource buildings, defense buildings, heroes, statues, shields and decorations.If your hero not equip Storm Sceptre or your defense buildings have high levels, do not be too scattered, do not put one of them in one of the corner.Since Samurai Panda cannot be awaken, so he is not suitable to be used as a battle hero, however, his assist skill is very useful which can increase the number of mercenaries and also provide damage reduction and speed up effect.The abundant rewards can be claimed while you complete the quest.World Channel, click the left triangle to check the world channel.
You can also join the community, communicate with other players offline.
The 6 secs of stunning time is enough for him to slay an enemy hero.
9Alleria: His active skill and god skill only take effect on the mercenaries, so it is not very t it is outstanding when cooperate with Goten.
Clash of Zombies 2 is a SLG game.
This hero is only useful at early stage, is less helpful at later stage.
Dont put same type of defense buildings together, place different type of them.
(The actual value in the game shall prevail).This is a lineup easy to acquire, can be interim used.The upgraded attribute is smoother and easier for players to understand.If you want to get more heroes, you can click the Wishing mummenschanz discount tickets Pool.We are going to tell you how to deploy them and use them to attack and defend.Hulk and Thor are defensive type, Megneto and Time Keeper are damage output type, with Athenas healing skill, this lineup has high error-tolerant rate.