Source 14-CD Packaging for Amelias Boot, Erik Brandt and the Urban Hillbilly Quartet We love this CD packaging design from Studio On Fire for Erik Brandt and the Urban Hillbilly Quartet.
Download Gift Packaging For Free, if gift shops clayton mo paper gift packaging is what you or your client prefer, heres a sample packaging idea where the brown paper is the hero.
The ideas are versatile and can be utilized to address all gift-packaging needs.
CD Packaging Template in PSD, cD Case Packaging Template, free CD Packaging Template.Source 23- CD Packaging for Electronic Labels A CD packaging design for a company that promotes the electronic music record labels of Sardinia.Source 27-Vinyl cover with analog light animation An album cover for the modern classical composer.It grabs customers attention, there are other products vying the attention of your target market.You can find packaging designs for practically any kind of product.This collection features a wide variety of designs that are truly creative and simply amazingfrom packaging inspired by food such as the Daily bread and the Salami CDs, to environment-friendly boxes and interactive designs.Source 30-Packaging for Stay Positive, an album by The Hold Steady source 31-CD in a book source 32-Medicine packaging for Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space Each blister contained a 3-inch CD featuring one of twelve tracks which had to be popped through.Packed inside are the CDs and several posters.
Source 08-Carosello Records ritratto Box, designed by Verona, Italy-based design studio, HappyCentro, this CD packaging design features hand-drawn illustrations and typography, beautiful accents of color as well as the pattern lining the interior of the case.
Source 25-DIY Packaging Design: Crate Paper Snow Day CD Something that you can do yourself.
If you want, you can feel free to use some of the selections available on this page.
In fact, businesses and brands also indulge in giving away their products in the form of gifts especially during a special occasion, sale or a promotion. .Even if you were to simply produce CDs for your own purposes, you would find it useful to have CD packaging designs on hand.And while it is not compulsory, adding a design similar to the cover art to the CD itself can help make it fit in with the theme of the rest of the packaging.Product packaging is considered to be one of the most important factors that affects consumer decision.Retro Birthday Gift Packaging.While there are other methods of data storage and transfer, there is still a market for CDs, resulting in their need for packaging designs.Source 24-Bike Lane Smart: CD Cover and Brochure A cool CD packaging design with matching brochure.Source 09-50 Years of Helvetica CD Packaging.Source 12-Unsound by Mission of Burma CD Packaging This CD packaging design features a powerful in black sleeve with open holes for the type showing the spot fluorescent orange of the booklet inside.Source 22- Interactive CD Packaging for Visual Artist A Flash interactive and packaging describing the artists work and citing visual examples.Secure them with your own ribbon, sticker or seal.The design allows generous space for several CDs complete tabs for identification and description of content.These beautiful creations include a handle and as you can see, resemble a small briefcase.

The sleeve resembles a bikes wheel.
Unique packaging can make your product stand out and look different from the rest.