I had a netbook just like this and took it back after one day because I just couldn't do anything with.
This Program uses Code from MaxIDE.
All the Windows CE we browsers I've found (and believe me, I've spent a long time looking!) are either.cab files that will only run on mobile phones (you may be able to get software to convert the.cab files to executables that'll run under Windows -.exe.Ico ScaleAlpha 100 IconPushed.mobileNavigatorIconsIE.or just won't install under CE, and these netbooks are generally very, very limited in upgrade potential.Maf, 15:32 WinCE6 : ARM : sdmmc Card : ucweb.I was so disappointed that it could do so little (certainly not what I'd classify as an Internet browser when it could barely load the most simplistic of web pages it was a shame as the unit itself was so dinky and cute).CE for building and debugging as well as some of its icons (t/projects/blitzmax-ide Some of Burcey's Modules (regex, libxml,dbsqlite, boost) (m/p/maxmods).IndevIDE is an open source IDE that uses wxMax (wxWidgets.0) and a SQLite database to provide you with the essential features of an IDE like autocompletion, call tips and quick documentation access.Win CE 5 -Bert-, 06:31.Banzai25, 18:12 WinCE6 : ARM : sdmmc Card : ucweb.Banzai25, 15:55 WinCE6 : ARM : sdmmc Card : ucweb.
Mine did not allow changing the operating system, and the version of IE on it was so ancient and slow that it wouldn't even load Facebook properly, even with image support turned off, and it wasn't flash or java compatible - well, not to modern.
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I'm afraid you're probably stuck with the version of IE that's on there.
A wxMax based IDE for the programming language BlitzMax.
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