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For those fortunate to own post 1999 vehicles of the R129 stable your car should be equipped with a fully compliant OBD2 diagnostic system, 16 pin standard diagnostic port and the capability to be interrogated by most any off the shelf OBD2 reader.
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Mercedes SL R129 38pin Diagnostic connector pin out diagram and function list. As stated earlier above to read engine codes or ABS codes etc the unit has to be connected to a capable electronic code reader.After reading a code, press the momentary switch for 6-8 seconds then release.Mercedes older series diagnostic fault code reading. .Note: A single flash means no fault stored.Repeat this for all stored codes.Never miss any new product, exclusive promotion or any order tracking information!We can send you an email each time a new promo code is added for the stores you select below or our hottest stores.
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About the only system capable of reading and accessing the majority of codes through the Mercedes proprietary system is the.
To clear codes:.
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Check out all products, you're on mobile, Cheerz too!Print all the photos from your phone with our app for iOS and Android!Photo printing in a blink, hold your memories in your hand, in no time!Even though the communications standard of ISO9141 is the same as used on OBD2 systems the way in which it talked to the modules was bespoke and this is why you cannot use traditional OBD2 readers on systems of this type.Frequently asked questions, contact us Customer support Careers Press Partnerships.Accessorize: Zappos, Macy's, m, Coach, Nordstrom.etc.This service is totally free and you can unsubscribe easily with one click.Please note not all pins are loaded in every model, the quantity of available pins depends on model, version and fitted equipment.At Cheerz, we're a bunch of happy people and we're here just for you!I have collected the following information together in one place to save the frustration of trying to locate and find most that you would ever need to tackle this job.We wanted it to look like a book (its the best way of telling stories after all) and to hold up to 150 photos. I do not have an OVP module (voltage controller) I have a Base Module.Turn those zeros and ones in your phone into touchable mementos, on our website or with our app.At this time Mercedes added the OBD port under the dash, in some cases near the steering column just to give access to emission related diagnostic codes, all the other electronic systems were dealt with through the 38 pin socket as before.

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