Wayne ended that verse talking about past urges to end his own life but it was weirdly refreshing.
But this ni*a right here, the best ni*a, the realest ni*a, the illest ni*a.
And they pointing fingers, when I wear this fuckin burden on my back like a david jones elizabeth arden free gift motherfuckin cap and gown.Most recently, Kanye West used the cover of his new ye album to share that he struggles with bipolar disorder.When he became more unapologetic in his codeine usage, kids followed.This wouldnt be completely new territory for Wayne.The verse was arguably one of Waynes most candid.Carter V may see a release before the end of 2018.Late in the string of special guests, Bryan "Birdman" Williams, co-founder of Cash Money records, joined Lil Wayne on stage to offer a "worldwide" apology for the legal feud that had stalled progress on Wayne's album "Tha Carter V" for years.And I wanted to apologize to my ni*a worldwide.That ni*a put his life in my hands and Ima keep it real with that ni*a, we gon do this shit till the day we die.
There is tangible urgency in his convictions when he raps: Its hard when you only got fans around and no fam around.
The superstar puffed a small cigar (or some such).
And considering the sheer productivity Wayne has displayed throughout the course of his career, having a legal dispute with a boss-slash-family member be more relevant than his music is indicative of how taxing that fight has been.The topic of the evening was the 10th anniversary of "Tha Carter III the eccentric 2008 album that transformed the Hollygrove rapper (sometimes known as Weezy, hence Weezyanan Fest) into an international superstar.And more importantly, by doing so hell hopefully be able to let even more hurt go than he did when he floated over Solanges Mad.Carter (Lil Wayne's birth name is Dwayne Carter.There was a feeling that hed let that pain go, which is why he was even able to share it with the world.DAAs AppChoices app here.

It was stocked with stories about going from nothing-to-superstardom in New Orleans that only he, BG, Juvenile, and Turk could understand fully, though it felt special to get a front seat for such an intimate gesture.
Lil Wayne 's 4th annual Lil Weezyana Fest rap revue was "sold OUT (YES, really)." According to a Champions Square representative, 8,500 fans crowded the outdoor venue, cheering for a lineup that included NBA YoungBoy, Tory Lanez, special guests Young Jeezy and Nicki Minaj, plus.