These extra layers help to repel the things that lead to smudging and scratching.
Multifocal Fitting System If you amazon fire student discount want to buy new eyeglasses or sunglasses with progressive lenses, or if you want to send us glasses without progressive lenses in them already, m can supply you with a progressive lens using our MFS (Multifocal Fitting System).
Eye Doctors Do Make Mistakes The optometrist (OD) or ophthalmologist (MD) that issues the prescription is not involved in the fashioning of the lens, but the prescription they issue is crucial to the overall effectiveness of the lens.
Trivex is much better suited for tinting and is an excellent choice for rimless drill mounted frames.Send a description of the frame and the problem to, gives us a couple days, and we will get back to you with some options.In each category, we usually offer three choices good, better, and best.Bifocal (two areas) and trifocal (three areas) lenses have visible lines that separate the different areas of the lens.These lenses are the darkest everyday photochromic lenses on the market.Add to that a dual-sided, fully integrated super-hydrophobic layer for the most cleanable sun lens in the industry.The cutter of the plastic determines the precision of the carving.
Trivex lenses are about 10 thinner and thus 10 lighter than polycarbonate lenses.
At m, most of the lenses we dispense are made by Essilor, unless a customer specially requests a different brand.
There are different types and qualities of blanks.Crizal Anti-Scratch Warrantee Crizal is known for its No Glare/Anti-Reflective properties, but it also includes a super hard coating.If we don't make your lenses perfectly, we will remake your lenses or refund 100 of your money.Trivex may be slightly thicker than polycarbonate lenses, but due to its specific gravity the weight will be similar.Most eye care professionals now recommend that people protect their eyes against UV exposure at all times.With its high performance and ease of adaptation, it received the acclaim of the optical industry.