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She love sharing inspirational knitting and crafty ideas.Find A Good Yarn Sarasota on Twitter Facebook Instagram Why they love it: textile discount outlet hours Phil loves to blog about knitting and crocheting and to share stories of her family life.Find Knitter's Review on Twitter Pinterest Instagram Facebook Why they love it: Wendy Knits seashells round up rewards is most about a lifelong knitter obsessed with all sorts of knitting techniques and traditions.Why we love it: Tin Can Knits has clearly written patterns, beautiful photography and heartfelt stories.She likes sharing her easy modern knit and crochet projects and patterns.They have done different kinds of design from socks, mittens, hats and.From different brands, colors, strands and different designs of knitted products.Why we love it: Patty's knitting patterns are fabulous and her tutorials are inspiring.
Dani loves to share her projects via her podcasts.
Thanks for stopping by In this post we share the Best Knitting Blogs for 2018.
They have been creating different kinds of knitted animals for kids and been designing knitted costumes for Dog Shows.
She first started teaching herself how to knit and after a while, she created her own knitted designs.
Renee's interviews with other creative people on her podcasts are fabulous.
She is also the most published knitwear designer, with over 35 books, 20 booklets and her own magazine.
Find Drea Renee Knits on Twitter Instagram Why they love it: Donna is both a textile designer and a producer.Find YAK A Yarn Shop For Wool and Knitting Supplies UK on Twitter Facebook Instagram Why they love it: Tom is a self-taught textiles practitioner based in the.There is no doubt that when we say the words thank you we make the other person feel important and valued, which raises their self-esteem and helps improve their self-image.That being said, they are the first and foremost knitters and fiber crafters.Find Knitspot on Twitter Why they love it: Gaye came to knitting later in life and has found it therapeutic and creative.Why we love it: Simply Maggie has covered Arm Knitting tutorials, different yarns, and their designs are simple and easy to learn.Why we love it: Brooklyn Tweed strives hard in giving original patterns that are educational and enjoyable.Why we love it: Tanis Fiber Arts started from an experimental hobby of dyeing yarns in the kitchen of their old apartment and has grown from there.Latest patterns and the most innovative tools.