10 Gleefully massacring a number of Shinigami, Bambietta is stopped by 7th Division Captain Sajin Komamura, who expresses disbelief at a little girl being in the enemy army, prompting Bambietta to state Soul Society must be desperately short of soldiers if even a dog can.
However, Charlotte grabs Bambietta by her head and throws her into a building, and when Bambietta emerges, Charlotte blasts her away with a Cero.
Daichi Teny, which intercepts Bambietta's explosions with several chunks of rock.Overview, bambietta Basterbine, race, quincy, gender, female.Wandenreich 's, sternritter with the designation "E" - "The Explode".Professional Status, previous Affiliation, wandenreich, epithet "E" - "The Explode" 1 2, previous Team.Learn more in our.42 Spirit Weapon Bambietta's Spirit Weapon.24 Giselle summons Bambietta's corpse.48 Trivia Some of her fellow Sternritter address her as Bambi Banbi ).8 Plot The Thousand-Year Blood War arc Bambietta is intercepted by Komamura.
30 Equipment Bambietta steals Kokuj Tengen My'.
12 When Komamura rallies a number of Shinigami with a rousing speech citing Captain-Commander Genrysai Shigekuni Yamamoto 's recent actions, Bambietta questions how this is possible, for they were on the verge of death just moments before.
If you throw your life away in battle, where's the point in winning?!" 51 Battles Events Quincy Blood War Events Battles Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result Bambietta.
33 Leiden Hant : Bambietta wears a Leiden Hant on her hand, which allows her to activate Quincy: Vollständig as long as she is not in possession of a Shinigami's Bankai.
46 Weaknesses The Explode Sufficient Force : Though Bambietta's attacks can't be blocked, her attacks can be deflected before the explosion occurs if hit by a sufficient force.
13 Later, Bambietta expresses surprise when Shaz Domino 's Reiatsu abruptly vanishes after Ichigo Kurosaki 's arrival in Soul Society.
Heroes are meant to show up late, right?This allowed Mayuri to counter Bambietta's The Explode by delaying the explosion of her Reishi bombs by three seconds.25 Bambietta forces Yumichika and Ikkaku to dodge a barrage of explosions.Komamura stops Hinamori from attacking and saves her from the explosions created by the Quincy, but Bambietta states that Komamura can't defend her even though he has a bucket on his head.The warm and pleasant battles like a midday nap, filled with hope, end here." 33 (To Sajin Komamura) "The whole point of fighting is that you don't want to die!This site uses cookies to analyze and make your experience on our site better.Ikkaku stabs Bambietta, but she grabs his head, only for Yumichika to appear and cut her arm off.34 Powers Abilities Bambietta attacks a group of Shinigami with The Explode.It'd be way more exciting if you showed up after I'd laid waste to a good bit of Seireitei." 50 (To Shinji Hirako and Sajin Komamura) "You'll soon regret, dumb Shinigami, that you ever sought to get your Bankai back.

26 Bambietta unleashes a barrage of bombs at Giselle's command.
Following the Wandenreich's retreat from Soul Society, Bambietta is present when Yhwach announces Ury Ishida will be his successor, an announcement which shocks her.
The Explode ( Ji Ekusupurdo ; Japanese for " Bombing Raid Bambietta has the ability to create bombs.