Daithi De Nogla has a typical angry irish voice, yet he looks more or less like a 20 something man.
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Justified has Jimmy Tolan (Jesse Luken a short, babyfaced man with a deep, imposing baritone.
Eurobeat vocalist Linda "Irene" Ongarelli has a rather high voice for her buxom physique, and it often gets chipmunked (pitch-shifted) even higher.The most jarring example is Gastly, which was voiced by a teenage boy in a few loops; he fared somewhat better.This time everypony refers to her with that voice as Flutterguy.It still throws off some people when they watch *nsync 's a cappella performances that Chris Kirkpatrick looks like a biker but sings and speaks like a teenage boy while Lance Bass is the opposite, a Pretty Boy with a deep husky voice.My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic : Happens to Fluttershy in the episode "Bridle Gossip when the normally soft-spoken Pegasus is highly embarrassed to find herself speaking in a Badass Baritone voice.VIC BW 16526 E- E610 harlan byroince YOU called ME dearie COL 3674 V E322 harlan byronder irish moon meyer COL A727 E E503 harlan/VAN/schenck long BOY/I dont want TO GET well VIC BW 18413 E E575 harmonians thereainbow round MY shoulder diva 2749.Anyone who watches The Sopranos for the first time would be surprised to hear the hulking 6'2" James Gandolfini's high nasally voice.
Lyn appears as an Assist Trophy, Her Japanese voice fits her given age of 15/18 (Respectively in the Japanese and English versions but her English voice is much deeper, and more fitting for a woman in her thirties.
Yunobo sounds like a teenager in the beginning stages of puberty.
John Hiatt (of "Have A Little Faith In Me" fame as well.
The main character in Cannibal is The Bear.Dixieland band broadway rose/sweet mamma VIC BW 18722 E- J631 andy murray odds to win french open orig.The movie Pitch Perfect actually uses this as a plot point.The titular character is a 6'5" Heavy Worlder Lady of War, who has a soprano voice.In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection, Chrono has his adult appearance from the post Time Skip seasons (in keeping with information in supplementary material that he went through a growth spurt soon after second season but is voiced by Mikako Takahashi (his child voice actress).The Butt Witch of Twelve Forever has a deep masculine voice, but is clearly a woman.Subverted in Austin Powers in Goldmember, when a man (none other than Nathan Lane ) at Studio 69 appears to address Austin in a sexy black woman's voice.The famous chorus of Take on me is quite the proof.E VR015 crain jeanne corn EL wilde: ALL through THE DAY 1946 E VR018 crosby bing IM only guessin 1931 E- VR016 crosby bing DAY YOU came along 1933 E VR019 gifts for male runners uk crosby bing love IN bloom 1934 E VR020 crosby bing mexicali rose 1935.COL F7206 E J326 green A macdonugh wait TIL cows come home E spencer VIC BW 18408 E- F033 green A/brown HAM ilton- OLD fashioned wife/U never VIC BW 18259 V E533 green alice kiss ME again/rackety COO VIC BW 17954 E- T254 green alice.Mignon-elle NE croyait PAS/adieu VIC BW 45023 E C479 reichman JOE when IM with YOU/BUT definitely perf 60810 N- 3284 reichman JOE little thoughts/kashmiri song VIC 27975 E T328 reilly william/murr AY-were ALL going callingon kaiser VIC BW 18465 E J569 reilly WM sailor whatll.Cute, but Cacophonic is a subtrope of this, specifically referring to when "an extremely cute and/or tiny animal turns out to have a surprisingly loud cry.".This is Truth in Television, as Maine Coons are a very soft-voiced breed of cat.Abner is a tall, lanky guy with buck teeth, who looks like he would speak in your standard hillbilly Simpleton Voice, but instead, is voiced by the ten-year-old The Little Rascals cast member, Tommy Bond.