Running an Alpha is like running a pop-up coffee cart to see if people will buy your coffee before you build a cafe - if no one wants your coffee you will know not to build the cafe.
The subsidy is delivered by Local Councils and is administered by Central Government (specifically the.
By, pia Andrews on, within the Service Innovation work program at the.Some work had been done by Central and Local Governments to explore user needs and the government challenges around Rates Rebates however, this had not yet resulted in meaningful prototyping or a tangible solution, so needed further exploration.This Alpha service has been designed to help make it easier for people to identify their eligibility and then apply for the rebate with less effort and stress.This was an important factor in designing an MVP as we move into the Alpha stage for Rates Rebates that doesnt assume a fully proactive delivery in order to meet user expectations of maintaining control throughout the process.By, siobhan McCarthy on, at the Service Innovation Lab, a multi-agency team from across Local and Central Government got together in September 2017 to collaboratively work.Rates Rebates are an entitlement that has been identified as a key pain point for applicants (low income property owners for primary residences as well as for Local and Central Government.Rates Rebates related posts from LabPlus here.
By examining legislation, tech systems, and modes of delivery we created detailed service blueprints of the current and future states, testing them against each other and our goals for the service improvement.
A proportion of your rates may be refunded, depending on criteria such as income and the amount of rates you pay.
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We make it easy to pay in weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annual payments.
In September our team kicked off a three-week discovery sprint exploring how discount furniture barn subsidies are provided to New Zealanders and what this could that look like in the future, with a focus on Rates Rebates.
Did you know that you can also pay your rates online?It was also designed to simplify service delivery for the council from the current very manual and paper heavy process to a simple, faster and digital service.From this we were able to set a goal of what we could create for a minimum viable product (MVP) for a better Rates Rebates service to bring into the.Alpha stage of testing.We looked over the form and worked on how the language could be improved to be more plain English, and how form fields could be made easier to complete.This blog post is the final report from that discovery and will form the basis for any future work or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development in Alpha.This includes students, retirees and from, residents of retirement villages.The Rates Rebates Process touches many agencies.For example, when asking an applicant's income, we could provide an option to press a button to state that they are receiving NZ Superannuation, rather than asking them what dollar amount that is, as we already know the figure.It showed a very complex picture with pain across users, Councils and Central government agencies.

Our team works to understand and utilise the efforts of previous groups, add value and be a catalyst to a high value solution for the whole Rates Rebates process.
We are now in the process of building the MVP and will be testing with ratepayers and service delivery staff to ensure that the digital service flow is understandable and makes sense to those who use.