The following is a look at the events that featured the biggest cash prize purses each year, dating back to 1972.
John Burgeson established himself as a big-time promoter during the 2000s.
Steve Simons was another fan who was influenced by the WWC.
The arm-wrestling competition featured 32 NFL players divided into two teams.The total value of cash prizes given out at this event would not be surpassed until 26 years later (taking inflation into account, it would take 29 years).Prestigious titles and non-monetary awards can be alluring, but nothing talks like money talks.After two years of AAA Stand-Up Nationals without prize money, significant cash prizes were up for seattle seahawks win loss record 2012 grabs in 19, to the tune of almost 15,000.Champions: Mens Right Lightweight - Marvin Myers.Armwrestling's Biggest Prize Money Tournaments - 1972 to Present.The NFL said it was unclear how many players participated.At a press conference following the news of the move, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said gambling "is a major risk for." He also said the league wasn't loosening its stance on the issue.The very early 80s were great years to be a successful armwrestler.Pro Armwrestling Championships Cash Prize Purse: 7,500 (estimated) September 24th, 1977 - Houston, TX Champions: Mens Right 0-160 lbs - Harvey Frank Mens Right 161-185 lbs - Johnny Walker Mens Right 186-210 lbs - Bob Howell Mens Right 211 lbs - Dan Mason Women's Right.Cash Prize Purse: 5,000, december 28th, 1974 - Los Angeles,.
Accommodation, meals, airport AND local transport.
He was of the opinion that there was a ton of potential to grow the sport, so he formed the World Professional Armwrestling Association (wpaa) in 1974.
Including the Harley Sportster, the total value of prizes given out at that event was the highest of that year.Its a historic marker, and one that heralds a strong future for the sport in coming years.Usually held in Warsaw, Poland, the event always drew many of the very best European armwrestlers, and usually a handful of the top Americans as well.Just last month, the NFL approved moving the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas.Professional armwrestling benefitted from a new corporate sponsor in 2001: sports supplements company GNC.

After months of anticipation and buildup in the biggest year in World Armwrestling League history, WAL is ready to explode the sport again with a massive increase in prize money for its 2017 Championship event!
Champions: Mens Right 0-175 lbs - Jean Paul Larose.