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At the last army win against navy same time, the amount of people and money in the IT industry also caused the explosion of bullshit.
I also made new important business deals unrelated to my product, which wouldnt have happened if I hadnt changed things.For example : m : 8530.Which are the things I dislike about my product and which are the ones I like?The main challenge lies in becoming passionate about the project.I abstracted the access to the DB in order to be able to switch the DB technology underneath or even support more than one.By this technical reference I mean that we are overstimulated.
I implemented a first-person shooter game in the product so that the user wouldnt get bored during the analysis of a file.
Many customers appreciated, for instance, the Python SDK.
The only issue in that regard is the documentation, since its not easy to grasp everything from the posts on the company blog.
In the end, I decided to hire another developer dedicated to the memory part as that was the only viable solution and it turned out to be the right thing.
Of course, I couldve tried other solutions like PIL (Python Imaging Library) which I have used in the past.You can download the full script from here.Windows 2000, any SP, any version.Having reached a point of (partial) maturity in my life and not feeling cool cheap gift ideas for guys anymore any need to prove myself through complexity, I am now forced to deal with the complexity I created in my youth for myself.Speaking of which, I added my own PDB parser which I created relying only on the awesome information provided by Sven.C structures from source code.An OS, just like any important piece of technology, should give the user the same satisfaction a Victorinox SAK gives to its holder.Was it going be just technical people or also semi-technical people?