The opening sequence has been lampooned several times within the show, in episodes including " That's Lobstertainment!
"Fox Says 'No' to 'Futurama.
In another episode, the effects of global warming have been somewhat mitigated by the dropping of a giant ice cube into the ocean, and later by pushing Earth farther away from the sun, which also extended the year by one week.Although rats still exist, sometimes rats act like pigeons, though pigeons still exist, as well.52 The Toronto Star confirmed, announcing on their website that the original cast of Futurama signed contracts with Fox to return for 26 more episodes.M/news/home/ Janulewicz, Tom (February 29, 2000)."Online Chat with Matt Groening".She is Fry's primary love interest and eventually becomes his wife.Retrieved September 22, 2014.When they pitched the series to Fox in April 1998, Groening and Cohen had composed many characters and story lines; Groening claimed they had gone "overboard" in their discussions.Archived from the original on October 11, 2007.
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There was a long long list of possible names, the only two I remember which were resoundingly rejected, by everyone concerned with it; "Doomsville" was my number one choice.
The returning writing crew was smaller than the original crew.
129 It was animated in widescreen and was released on standard DVD on November 27, 2007, with a possible Blu-ray Disc release to follow.
According to David."Comedy Central at Comic-Con: Day Three, Futurama Panel"."Futurama" returns with strong ratings".And my number two choice and I don't even know why I thought this was a good idea for a name somehow, "Aloha, great christmas gift ideas under 30 dollars Mars" struck me and that was also not particularly.44 Since no new Futurama projects were in production at the time of release, the final movie release Into the Wild Green Yonder was designed to stand as the Futurama series finale.Retrieved August 22, 2005.This script was written specifically to their specifications.However, the game was subsequently canceled on the GameCube and Game Boy Advance in North America and Europe.

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