One doesn't have to shoot an animal to determine this and since very few of ebay shopping promo code us here have even seen a wild Grizzly OR shot one, this is the most commonsense approach.
Significant difference in recoil.
I eased sideways, my movement glacial.
Go big or go home, especially when you're looking for a big rifle that will be used on nothing but very big game.In mid-weight rifles its recoil is brisk but not obnoxious.Due to years of degraded public magic mushroom shop discount code discourse, we are separate ideological countries, speaking different languages, the lines between us down.I've shot the 338WM next to the 375 many times;the 375 shoots at least as flat as the 338.It's Max is 2800fps heaven help me at over 50-lbs of felt recoil.Then a spot of color!This is more important to a backpacker like me than it might be to a "quadjockey" who roars around logging roads, "experiencing the wilderness".A 7x57 would probably kill anything I ever hunt.
Our liberals can whip anybody else and we also smell nice, just like Maple Syrup, Cedar shavings and roasting Moose meat!
Re: BFaucett Joined: Feb 2001 Posts: 2,479 Ray Campfire Ranger Ray Campfire Ranger Joined: Feb 2001 Posts: 2,479 Alaska Originally Posted by BFaucett Originally Posted by Ray.
375 ruger Re: BobinNH Joined: Nov 2008 Posts: 3,252 GF1 Campfire Guide GF1 Campfire Guide Joined: Nov 2008 Posts: 3,252 Bob, must pick at this a bit -.c.
Short minutes later he crashed into view, charging down toward.
The 7mm,.30 and.33 magnums beg the use of stoutly constructed bullets to ensure penetration through thick bone and muscle up close.That 250-grain Nosler packed far more foot-pounds than needed.Just as fetching was the Winchester Model 70 Alaskan with a 25-inch barrel.338 Winchester Magnum.Still-hunting through stunted pines at dawn, I caught the bobbing of an antler tine through the cover.375 ruger Re: Klikitarik Joined: Nov 2008 Posts: 3,252 GF1 Campfire Guide GF1 Campfire Guide Joined: Nov 2008 Posts: 3,252.338, based on adequate power and better trajectory.Another stubby powerhouse, the.300 Remington Short Action Ultra Mag, also came my way before Id heard of it dropping an elk.I have seen more folks afraid of their 338 than any other cartridge.The.340 is a blown-out, necked-up.300 H H, left full length.Moderated by RickBin, sysop Hop To Hunting Shooting - Hunter's Campfire Hunting Optics Ask The Gunwriters Africa Alaska Canada Europe General Big Game Australia Elk Hunting Deer Hunting Backpack Hunting Bowhunting Long Range Hunting Hunting Rifles Custom Rifles Wildcats Combination Guns and Drillings Express Rifles and Big Bores Only AR and Tactical Rifles Single Shots Rimfires The Lefty Forum Savage Collectors Winchester Collectors Competitive Shooting Gunsmithing bpcr Muzzleloaders Handguns Predators and Varmints Air Guns Kids at the.Shintangle natures sunshine coupon code Montana timber in knee-deep snow yielded an elk to my long-limbed Weatherby Mark.340.Ymmv art Mark Begich, Joaquin Jackson, and Heller resistance.

I triggered the Model 70 as he galloped toward cover.