Sleb Safari won't even contemplate Christmas shopping until it has consulted the goop gift guide.
Well, the 2016 holiday gift guides are finally here and, of course, Gwyneth Paltrow isn't disappointing in her selections.
Goop gift guides (which is, incidentally, 60,000 pricier than last years insane pick dammnnnn its time to take a closer look at some of the, erm, stranger giftable options: After all, with 10 separate guides to shop, one of which is aptly titled The Ridiculous.
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this handy little device aims to coach you through your Kegels through game-like exercises.
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Santa would want you.
Trousseau Big ticket item(s) a kitchen set of culinary tools selected for their beauty and functionality.
Which actually doesnt sound SO bad.From the Ridiculous But Awesome Gift Guide : Plebeians like us can only dream about items on this list, and if youre dreaming about Dennis Hoppers record collection at a whopping 150k, well then be my guest.This serves as a guide for anyone in the dark on what to get a kid this year.If you're looking for something a little cheaper a packet of herbs for burning is a bargain.The prize is non-transferable and the closing date is noon on Wednesday December.Sloane Stationery, leather notebooks and the like with up to 99 letters debossed class up your work week.WaterRower Rowing Machine (1,500 Sure, this water wheel may be a bit less affordable than your typical 10-pound weights, but hey, just think of how buff your friend or family members arms are going to be after rowing stationary water!It's the most wonderful time of the year!This Self-Dry Cleaning stupidity test answers try to win this game Service, you'll never have to go to the dry cleaner ever again with this 2,000.Tesla Model S Radio Flyer for Kids hong kong apple store student discount (500 We get wanting to give your little ones everything you never had, but a tesla?