15 yr anniversary gift for him

Sharon and Nick walked out of the rubble, asking rescuers to go back for Jack.
Adam admitted his manipulations to Chelsea and said yes, the minute he had seen her he knew she was the woman for him.
A disheveled Victor walked in, said, "Pour me one drank it and said he was fine, then collapsed.But Skye reached for Sharons camera, lost her footing and fell into the volcano.Because Nikki had not texted Adam, he was shocked and hurt to see Victor's televised press conference to assure the world motel vouchers los angeles that he was alive and back as CEO and chairman of the board of Newman.At the hospital, the doctors told the Abbotts that Jack had a lacerated kidney, and the bullet was lodged ebay gift cards next to his lower spine as he was taken into surgery.Meredith Gates, quizzed Adam about his relationship with Victor.Victor gave Adam a Braille computer and Ashley gave him a Braille teacher, which andy murray odds to win french open spurred Adam to consider writing a book about his life.Victor was livid with his new "golden child" for causing Newman and Jabot to go to battle once again.Adam knelt by Victor saying, "Damn you Victor, don't you die on me!" Ian took Nikki to the Abbott cabin where they interrupted Phyllis.Nikki agreed to give Adam another chance, and he was invited to a family birthday dinner which was held for Nikki at On the Boulevard.Determined to make his mother and Sharon proud, Adam wanted to return to Genoa City with Sharon with Faith and him get a do-over.Then Sharon headed for Sedona, Arizona where she would eventually meet Adam.
No one would admit to seeing Skye, but Jack found Skyes burned shack, and in it the remains of a bottle of Galibier perfume.
Since Adam and Victoria just could not get along, and she realized Billy was right, that she had become obsessed, Victoria again quit Newman.
They sat in the front row and shunned everyone, then afterward quickly left in a waiting limo.
She became paranoid, then could not sleep, would not go for therapy, and ended up overdosing on sleeping pills.Chelsea refused, knowing that revenge against Victor would always come first.Jack told him that he was tired of failure and was ready to join him.Everyone else assumed that.T.Chelsea asked Adam to become CEO of Chelsea.0, and he accepted.Adam decided to get out of town by taking his pregnant wife on a surprise honeymoon.Victor grumbled a response, and told her to leave.Paul was there for Nikki all through her ordeal with David and following his death.Skye warned Adam that he was risking the success of their hedge fund by filing the lawsuit, and damaging their relationship by always favoring Sharon, reminding him that Sharon was never going to forgive him for stealing her baby Faith.Meanwhile Adam heard the horses, smelled smoke, discovered that the barn had been hit by lightning and was on fire.Hope soon learned that she was pregnant.Was happy, but Ronan and Paul felt that it had been too easy, something was not right.